Construction and purchase

Features of the transactions with real estate

совершение сделок с объектами недвижимости

Transactions with real estate related to the involvement of third parties

The modern real estate market is characterized by the fact that a third is added to the relationship between two subjects – the mediator. At the same time, both an individual and a legal entity (a real estate organization, a broker) can act as an assistant and guarantor of a transaction.

The average amount of transactions exceeds several million rubles. Consequently, the real estate business is one of the most profitable. A fourth party also participates in a number of contracts in the commercial real estate market: banks, insurers, investment funds, etc.

Most of the transactions are multilateral, and their final goal is the transfer (acquisition) of rights to real estate. According to the legislation, this includes: land, water bodies, forests, buildings, structures. And also: enterprises, air and sea vessels.

All real estate transactions receive a written confirmation and are entered in the relevant state registers. To do this, each object has a clearly defined technical, legal and economic characteristics. The property contract is considered signed when all parties agree with each clause thereof.

Real estate transactions stimulate related industries

It should be noted that the process of buying and selling ready-made enterprises (industrial real estate) is complicated by the need for additional documentation. Objects require a complete inventory. Also, the new owner receives the legal rights to the trademark and all other attributes of the legal entity. Recently, transactions have been circulated in which only rights to real estate are transferred. If a dwelling in which persons are located is sold and further retains ownership of the object, a list of citizens is entered in the contract indicating their property rights as a percentage.

When entering into transactions involving changes in the ownership of residential and commercial real estate, the status of the land plot under the object should be determined. There are frequent cases when ownership of a building is transferred to a third party, while land is leased by a fourth.

According to experts, the growth of the Russian economy will be 1-1.5% in 2019. Analysts emphasize that certain areas may demonstrate a 10 percent drop, and some – 11% growth. Development is a promising industry, so the government plans to build 120 million square meters of real estate until 2036. In parallel, the share of mortgage lending will increase. Financial institutions lending to developers and property buyers will also benefit from the maintenance of escrow accounts. Thus, the promotion of real estate development automatically develops a number of related industries.

2018 has shown growth in housing loans. Mortgage indebtedness of residents of the Russian Federation increased by 25%. This trend will continue in 2019.