Mortgage and lending

Housing in installments, mortgages and other ways to attract customers from developers

Жилье в рассрочку ипотека

Housing in installments. Mortgage, thanks to low rates, suits many buyers

Despite the high demand in the primary residential real estate market, developers are not always able to quickly sell apartments. Therefore, development companies resort to a variety of ways to stimulate demand for their objects.

One of the most common activities are offers to take a mortgage loan for housing or use installments. For the convenience of users, developers are building relationships with leading banks in the region in advance. Thus, there is the option of processing loans directly in the sales offices of residential real estate.

The second acceptable option for customers is clearance by installments. Among buyers, this type of raising capital is highly popular. For short-term installments developers do not charge extra interest to users. And even if the payment of the debt occurs over a period of more than 12 months, the conditions for making installments are more beneficial than in the case of receiving bank loans. To the mortgage or installment plan resort in the segment of ordinary residential real estate. The premium segment is not interested in such marketing moves, so wealthy buyers are offered discounts on luxury housing.

Discounts are divided into regular and additional. In particular, with a one-time full payment for real estate, the client receives a discount of 2 to 5%. In some cases, a flexible discount system is applied for certain categories of citizens. Usually we can observe similar marketing moves in houses that have been commissioned a long time ago, in which part of the apartments are still not purchased. It is possible that the remaining housing is considered to be customers in something worse than the other: it does not have a view of the reservoir, park, etc.

Additional discounts also arise against the background of the recession of the market, so it makes sense for customers to get acquainted with the trends of the economy in order to purchase housing at the lowest level.

Housing in installments mortgage, cheap gifts: everything that sells in the residential real estate market

Another marketing ploy used by developers when selling real estate is gifts. Of course, their cost is symbolic: the annual discount on the use of parking, free trips to the fitness room in the residential complex, the discount on repairs and so on. Often, the client, seeing the same offers on the market, chooses the option with a gift, even if its value does not exceed $ 100. There were rare cases when gifts from developers were really expensive: repairs in the room and free parking space.

Developers interested in attracting additional customers may cooperate with firms that offer home buyers additional bonuses. In particular, freight forwarding firms can expand their marketing activities, from which developers also benefit.

Commercial real estate is one of the most profitable businesses, and therefore requires modern approaches to attracting customers.