The Daily Post

Fair & Balanced News Coverage!

Do you remember those simpler times, when Bush 43 has been nearing the end of his cadence and the MySpace was still so much bigger than Facebook?

If your answer is yes, then just like us you were active online in 2006, when we founded our online news agency.

With a few like-minded Yale college graduates and journalists-to-be as a team, we had just one aim – deliver news online and deliver all of them…

The fact of how early on we’ve started to focus the new delivery on its speed, shortness, and balance – was a part of our success.

Way before the Twitter revolutionized the way we consume news, we’ve been trying to implement the very same formula for online news.

5 years later…

Eventually, by 2011 our small news startup have grown into a full-blown news agency, employing over 56 writers, journalists, editors and investigators, with our coverage spanning from such topics as the politics, sports, and entertainment all the way to health, science, and technologies.

Ultimately, we’re characterized not by the topics we choose to write about, but rather by the editorial policy and the style we do it with.

Our editorial policy makes it clear that all of the news we post must not reflect our writers’ personal views and be partisan, but rather do what real news reporters should and not too often do – simply report the facts.

This makes us one of the fairest & most balanced online news agencies in the US!